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Les fermes Leclair et frères is a family farm that was established in the mid 1800’s. Les fermes Leclair et frères was officially founded in 1971 by Andre, Ernest and Maurice Leclair. Initially, the company produced a wide variety of vegetables and then began to specialize in the production of mini carrots and radishes that were marketed under the brand, Cocktail.

Since 1995 the farm has been operated by Maurice, Jocelyn, and Diane Leclair. The Leclair family prides itself on always listening to their customers in order to provide them with the freshest products in a timely manner. Over the years, the farm has expanded its product line to offer a wider variety of quality vegetables. This is what has allowed the company to be successful during this difficult economic environment.

Les fermes Leclair et frères applies a rigorous program to ensure farm safety and traceability for all of their vegetables. As members of the Consortium Prism, Les fermes Leclair et frères is engaged in the detection and monitoring of crops to minimize the use of pesticides and reduce the impact on the environment. It is an active participant in various research projects on fertilization, on reducing the use of pesticides, testing new varieties, and in the development of new techniques.

Our products

Les fermes Leclair et frères specializes in the production of radish leaves, radish in cellophane bag, green onions, carrots, Nantes carrot leaves, and beet leaves in a bag. All of our products are processed and packaged in the same warehouse and there is a level of particular care taken in the handling of all products in order to maintain the maximum freshness before shipping. A virtual tour of the Les fermes Leclair et frères is available on this website.

From the Cruciferous family, the radish is harvested from May 20th until late October because that is when conditions are most favorable.
From the Umbelliferae family, the carrot is harvested by hand or mechanically from July to late October. Carrots can be stored for several months in a cool and humid storage.
From the Chenopodiaceae family, the beet is similar to the carrot and is harvested from July to late October.
From the Allium family, the green onion is also called a shallot. It is harvested in late June to early October.